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descent by theoxymoronpony descent by theoxymoronpony
My dtory DESCENT, its not done yet, (not even close), but heres a preiview of it for now. Ill post the first of my triliogy
From sun to moon (being edited)
Descent (in-process)
The fillies of Equestria (not started)
so tell me what you think!
(cover art by (cant remember) if this is your art, just tell me and ill give you credit.)

So here it is!:

This story is told by Princess Luna and Celestia
Prologue -----
What else can you be when everyone only sees you as a monster? What good can come from dark? What is the light in a nightmare? I asked these questions when I first became a night mare
There is a part of everyone’s mind that holds their deepest fears and darkest dreams. This is called the Ever Spark. The Ever Spark is locked by my sister and I with a binding spell when a pony is born. Somehow, my Ever Spark was ignited by jealousy to have the ponies admire and play in my moon, and hide from the sun. My emotions fed the spark and created a new conscience that overtook my mind and created my worst nightmare...
Chapter One --------
It was a breezy morning, well, early morning. I was about to lower the moon for Celestia so she can raise the sun. I loved these moments when I have time to myself, where I can just sit and see dawn. This is when Celestia and I both own the sky, where we are equals. I reminisce in the soft light and peaceful stars. Sigh… I concentrated on the moon’s energy until my horn glowed a pale blue. “You know, it’s beautiful.” Celestia said. I jumped up and almost let go of the moon. “Cel, y-you scared me…” I murmured. Celestia quieted and let me finish in peace. “I’m sorry Luna; I just… never really get to see you like this.” I pondered on her comment for a moment before I replied. “Like what?” “Happy.” She answered. I sat there stunned as Cel trotted away. I looked up into the sky; Celestia’s sun bore down on my squinted eyes.
I looked at the royal sundial. I had at least an hour before I had to go to the Imperial Luncheon. I might as well go see Zecora, one of my only friends. LUNA! COME QUICK! It was a telepathic message from Celestia. I knew it was urgent from the dark vibe I got when my mind received it. Castle…Castle…Castle… I opened my eyes only to find myself in the castle throne room. “CEL! What’s wrong?” I asked Celestia, who was talking to Thunder Bold (one of the castle guards). She turned toward me, her eyes seeking help. “Oh Luna, I-I don’t know how to tell you.” “WHAT IS IT?!” I screamed, raging at Cel’s stalling. I was not patient with seriousness. “Well, Evertess came… and she wants to talk with you immediately.” Celestia replied. Evertess was a medium, a mystical future-seeing unicorn. “Wh-hy?” I asked, worry spreading through my mind. “Let’s go…” Celestia beckoned, leading me through the doorway arch into the private room.
Evertess was already sitting in the room, her straight blue and gold mane falling in between her low, pale, eyes. “Luna, come here. I must talk to you, alone.” She said, motioning towards Celestia and Thunder Bold to leave the room. I turned as Cel nodded and left the room, closing the door behind her. Oh no…
“Luna, come here, this is important. Your future depends on today.” Evertess said. I sat down across from her as she started looking me up and down. “Luna, close your eyes. Then think about the one thing you want the most. Then tell me why, in your mind though.” I closed my eyes, and thought hard about what she had said. What I wanted the most… Appreciation. I thought about how the ponies rejoiced and played in Cel’s sun, but how they hid and slept in my beautiful night. I wanted them to see my art, my passion, that I was a real queen too. I want the ponies to know how much I work to give them their wonderful night… I opened my eyes, shocked at what I saw. Evertess’s eyes were glowing white, her horn creating a soft yellow light.
“Evertess? Evertess, wake-up, EVERTESS!” I screamed, tears running down my cheeks. Evertess jumped up, frightening me. I looked at her to see her eyes were back to normal. “Evertess, what happened, what did you see?” I asked, worry spreading through my veins. “Oh Luna, my dear Luna…” She whispered. “What?” I asked. “You will lose your life.”

Chapter Two
I ran. I ran like I was going to die. Oh wait, I was. “Luna! Come back!” Celestia called out. I kept running. I finally got to my special hill, the hill where I went to raise the moon. I stopped at the top and turned to face the castle. “Oh Celestia, why me?” I asked myself, as a single tear fell on to the ground.
“Cel, I don’t want to go to the luncheon.” I whispered. “I know, that’s why I moved it to next week.” She murmured, calming me down. “I think I’ll just walk around the castle for awhile, okay?” I said, looking at Celestia with direct eye contact. “Fine, just… be careful.” She asked. “’Kay.” I replied half-heartedly. “Oh and Luna, don’t go to the third hallway arch, just take my word.” She called out as I trotted downstairs.
I walked down the portrait hall, looking at the old paintings of my ancestors. I walked on ahead, the stairs to the third hallway and the passage to library stood before me. Normally, I would of walked on to the library because the third hallway had never come to mind. Go. “Who’s there?!” I asked. Me. I am here, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve always been here, you just didn’t know… “Who are you, what do you want?” I asked again, this time less panicked. I am you, you are me, yet we are two at once… All I want is your trust, your mind. You didn’t know about me because big sis Celestia didn’t think you were strong enough to hold this, my, power. “You’re wrong, Cel loves me, and she thinks I’m strong, that I can hold power.” I said. Then join me. Show those pathetic earth ponies that you are the real queen, not “Cel”. Let me in control and she’ll be nothing but a spec in your domain… You know you want to… “NO! CEL LOVES ME! She doesn’t think I, I mean, I-I don’t, JUST GO AWAY!” I shrieked. Cel was right, I was right, you ARE pathetic. You are too WEAK… no wonder she’s the ruler of Equestria and your just here for publicity… I can see it now, PRINCESS CELESTIA, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG RULER OF EQUESTRA COMES TO THE BALLET ALONG WITH HER SISTER LUNA… That’s right, no “princess” for Luna… You are nothing but a prop… “Maybe you’re right… I HAVE always wanted…WAIT! You’re poisoning me! Please stop!” I yelled. Aw, begging on her knees, well, let’s see about that…
Huh, where am I? I opened my eyes and looked around. Oh, I was still in the portrait hall. I stood up, but slipped and fell down. I looked down at my legs and saw black…ink? That was weird… “Luna? Hey are you down there…. NOOOOOOOOO!” Celestia screamed. “What’s the matter Cel?” I asked. “What have you DONE?” she shrieked. I looked up at what she was pointing at. “No… She did it, how?” I asked, still shocked at what I saw. Before me was Celestia’s portrait, only, covered in black ink. But the worst part was the three words, scrawled in my writing. NO MORE TYRANT.
“What’s wrong with me Cel? Why am I doing this?” I screamed in sorrow. “I don’t know, but you’ve disgraced yourself.” She replied shortly. “Wait, Cel, she did it.” Cel stopped in her tracks. “Who?” “I don’t know her name, but she kept calling me weak, said that you called me weak… that’s not true. Right?” I replied. “The ever spark.” She whispered. “The ever-what?” “Luna, come with me. We need to talk.”

Chapter Three
“Luna, the truth is, there is something called the ever spark. It is locked away in your mind when you are born by a binding spell that you and I created. You just don’t remember it.” She said, noticing the confusion in my eyes. “Well, it seems that the ever spark can be broken and unlocked by fire. The fire of anger, or jealousy, even dark love. Your ever spark was opened somehow, letting out that voice. She is your darkest wishes and desires.” She continued. I looked at her, my eyes filled with tears. “Luna, sister, you must fight it. Don’t let her, it, control you. I think that you lost control of your mind, and she took that opening to start the first of her assaults. The ink.” “Cel, d-does this mean I am going to die, or, lose it and become a slave entrapped in my own body? “ I asked, the tears were now pouring down the sides of my face. “I can’t do this, I-I’m sorry!” I yelled out as I ran outside.

“Luna, it’s time, to you know, and raise the moon.” Celestia commented. “Fine” I replied as I raised the moon. “Happy?” I said sarcastically. After that I went back inside to my room. Maybe what had happened the next day could’ve changed if only I had looked back to see Celestia shed a single tear.
That night was restless night full of mind conversations with the voice. I started to see her point of view, and she saw mind. Only if I had known what would have happened the next day…
“Good morning Princess Luna. Hail to you and your sister, Ruler Celestia.” Said Thunder Bold. “Um, Sure whatever.” I walked down the hallway to get to the breakfast room. The smell of Hay Pancakes and Berry Diamonds. I started eating when Celestia came in the room. “Hello Luna dear, how’s breakfast? Marie made them herself.” She asked earnestly. “I swallowed my last bite and left the room, nudging Celestia on the way out. “I wonder what’s wrong with her.” Celestia thought aloud.
Hello Luna, do you remember what we talked about last night. Do you remember the plan? “Yes I do, thanks to you” I thought. I had mastered talking to the voice in my mind, where no one else could hear us. Good girl. We will meet soon enough… Goodbye until tonight. “See you then” I said out loud. “Who are you talking to? You looked concentrated.” Celestia asked me. “No one! It’s none of your business!” I yelled out at her. “I’m… sorry?” Celestia asked, sounding confused and worried. “Yes, yes you are.” I muttered under my breath.
That night was my future. Yes, my entire future. I was going to make this moon my best yet. I looked out my window to see Celestia Lowering the sun. It was time to take action. I agree…

Chapter Four
After I raised my moon, I stood back and admired my handiwork. Before me, raised in the sky, was a beautifully crafted glowing full moon. Even Celestia was watching out her window, admiring the moon. Little did she know that her life would change as well.
I woke up late the next day, feeling, happy. My plan was going well so far. Our plan, Luna… Without me, this plan will not happen. “Sorry.” I thought.
“Luna, where are you?” Celestia called out. “LUNA! Get over here NOW!” Celestia yelled. “LUNA!” A million thoughts raced through her mind, but stopped in an instant. “NO!” She screamed. “Not Luna.” She muttered.
I saw Celestia running towards me, this meant my plan was working. “Luna, why won’t you lower the moon?” Celestia asked, her eyes bore fear. “What if I don’t want to? What if I’m tired of living in your shadow? Huh?! I want them to love me, to appreciate my hard work!” I screamed out. Anger flushed into my cheeks, my heart was racing. “What!? Why have you never let me in? Why couldn’t you tell? I love you Luna! But do you love me?” Her question broke my heart… I started to lower the moon when the voice started to talk again. STOP LUNA! What is wrong with you? Let me take control, I can give you EVERYTHING! What has “Cel” ever done for YOU? Huh? You always do EVERYTHING and get NO CREDIT! What do you say Luna? “Yes.” I mumbled. “What did you say? Celestia asked her voice full of confusion. “I SAID YES!” I screamed. I screamed the loudest I could possibly get. “THANK YOU LUNA, OH, HELLO CELESTIA, OR SHOULD I SAY TYRANT? HAHAHA!” It was her voice, but it came from my mouth. “LUNA!” Celestia screamed as she saw her worst nightmare.
Blackness surrounded me, blue smoke entered my mouth, poisoning my mind. The last sane thing I saw was Celestia’s horn glowing a bright purple, she was trying to reverse the effects of the ever spark, but it was too late. The smoke tendrils dragged me under the pond, and as soon as it started, it ended. I was now a prisoner of my own body.

Chapter five ------------
“NO, LUNA!” I yelled. The smoke had brought her down under the pond, away from my protection spell. I ran over to the pond, still dazed from the attack. I looked into the water and saw my reflection which was quickly replaced by Luna’s. “Cel, where am I? You have to help me.” Luna’s reflection spoke. “Oh Luna, little sister, I-I wish I could help,” I said, tears welling in my eyes. “But I don’t know how to. What can you tell me about where you’re at.” “Well, um, it’s dark, no wait… there’s a light over there. Ooh! It looks like I’m at some sort of… castle.” Luna spoke again. “Let me focus my magic on you, I might get a clear image where you are.” I murmured softly to the now crying Luna. I closed my eyes and thought about the castle, Luna, and, wait… what was that black thing? Why was it getting closer to Luna? What the… “Cel! HELP!” Luna cried. I opened my eyes just in time to see Luna disappear from the pond. “Luna?” I whispered. I splashed the water out of frustration; a weak and pathetic attempt at bringing back Luna’s face. I fell to my knees, heart aching. “Celly, are you there?” Luna’s voice called “Luna!” I ran to the edge of the pond, but didn’t see her. “Hello Celestia…” the deep rattling voice said. The voice that had tortured Luna into insanity, except this time, I saw the maniac face of it. She was midnight black, with raven-like features; her pupils like snakes, slitted and full of hatred. Luna blue armor covered her head and neck, decorative hoof braces shone like dark gold. The face vanished from the pond, no trace of her being there, only my reflection stood there.
That night was restless, dread pulsing through my veins. All I could think about was Luna being drowned, suffocating from her own consciousness. I wished it would’ve been me that had been attacked. Yes, it should have been you, what did Luna ever do to deserve this. You take all the credit for making a beautiful 24 hours, where Luna works her butt off to create a beautiful moon each and every night. She makes full moons, crescents, half moons, even eclipses and NO ONE admires her true beauty. “Who’s there?” I asked. It’s me, your little sister, oh wait, she’s not here, is she? “You! You took her. Where is she?” I shrieked. After the last word left my mouth, the lights went out. Aw, not so tough without your sister’s night light are you? “Show yourself, NOW!” I yelled with full on fury. The next thing I knew something sharp hit me in the back of my head.
I opened my eyes to the bitter cold of the ascending dawn. I raised my head and looked up at the bleak sky, the moon had been lowered. But by who? I heard the royal guards before I saw them. “Princess Celestia, It’s almost noon-break your majesty, the sun needs to be brought up.” Sergeant Brandy Swornsword, the chief in command to Lt. Crossfire. “Sorry Miss Swornsword. I-I seemed to have gotten, distracted…” I replied, smoothing out my rumpled hair. I went up into the castle, running out on to my balcony, raising the sun, slowly and shakily, and disturbed. The soft yellow glow of the sun breaking the bleak gray sky that covered Equestria.
“Evertess, are you home? I need to speak with you. It’s me, Celestia.” I said politely, yet impatiently. “Celestia…who?” Evertess said from inside her library treehome. “Celestia Brightheart.” I YELLED OUT. “Coming my dear, I just need…” CRASH! I jumped up at the sudden noise from inside. As I landed from my shaky jump, Evertess opened her door and beckoned me in. Evertess’s home was covered with star signs, galaxy maps, potion/spell books, and a library full of all sorts of magical items. She wore a long navy cape with glistening with white arubian sand. Her pale eyes glistened with mystery. “Celestia, Luna has been…” She started. “I know, I was there.” I finished, holding back the tears on the verge of my eyes. I looked at Evertess, pleading was clearly shown in my eyes. “Find the mare, banish her. That is all you can do.” Evertess said coldly and emotionless. “How, how could y-you be so, why would I ever, I mean, do that, to LUNA?” I cried out. Evertess showed nothing. I ran out of the room before she could say another thing. Maybe if I had known that Evertess was one of Luna’s only friends. Maybe if I had known, I would’ve seen the sole tear shed by the now-crimson eyes of Evertess.
Chapter Six
That night, I poured myself over all sorts of spell books and enchantments, trying to help me find a way to raise and lower the moon. I studied for a couple hours before I found Allistar Elix, the book of earth, time, and universe spells. I found the sun spell that my Mother had taught me when I was a filly. I looked over the content, seeing something was different. I re-read the spell, realizing that the spell was written incorrect. It was the same spell she learned from birth, but thought it was wrong, somehow, it was wrong.
I stayed up all night, checking the clock for the precise time to lower the moon…
I stared at the round, luminescent, moon. I focused all my power on the globe, thinking gravity, pulling it down. Exuasted, I looked up at the sky, not my best work. The sun was sloppy and dull, the life was quickly leaving it. I returned to the castle, requesting Soror, my assistant. Soror, or Sister Ro, hurried into the ballroom, where I told her to meet me. “Your Higness, what may I assist you with today?” Soror asked diligently. “Make a poster, it needs to say ‘Wanted Dark Matter, bring alive. Injury will result in prison time or guard duties.” Celestia said sternly, upon exiting the room, leaving Soror stunned at the request of harm.
“Heavens my! Lily, come look at this poster!” cried out Sierra, a simple earth pony from the meadow clearing near the outskirts of the Ever Free forest. “Wanted…, Alive no harm…, if so, punishment… What the HAY?!” exclaimed the outraged Lily. “Oh, the danger! We are just simple mares! Woe is us, what shall we do?” Sierra wept overdramatically. “Only Celestia knows, Celedamn!” Lily muttered, still clearly upset. If only Celestia really did know…
The royal guards jumped at any movement made on the site of the Ever Free castle. Sssshhhhhsss… “Who goes there?” yelled Blunthorse. “Show yourself in the name of Celestia.” Coltis Hoofe added. “What about in the name of ME? Nightmare Moon.” The wicked creature responded cooly, emerging from the shadows.
Chapter Seven
Coltis Hoofe ran into the castle throne room, carrying the injured Blunthorse across his back. “Night-Night Mare Moon! She’s here, she’s coming!’ Cried Coltis. “Celestia dropped her parchment. “W-What?!” She stammered. “Prepare the guards. Bind her and take her to me, I shall deal with her alone in the Kept Room.
Sweat dripped down my side as I waited for the arrival of the guards. Blunthorse was being taken care of by Blu Cella, the current castle nurse. Suddenly, a guard came through the doors. “Your majesty, she’s coming. She took- Cloudrunner!” cried the guard. I then realized the guard was Bridlestorm (through all the grime blood), the only female guard on the force. Cloudrunner was her mate; I made a note to search for him. I dismissed Bridlestorm to protect her foals, who lived in the spare bedrooms of the castle. The lights went out as soon as Bridlestorm left. I light my horn in attempt to see the room. Suddenly the lights came on and in walked… Night Mare moon. She strolled in casually, as if she were an old friend. “Well hello there sister dear,” she said smoothly. “You are not my sister.” I muttered out. “Oh, but I am.” The mare responded just as cooly. “You. Are.not.Luna.” I told her sharply. “You cannot stay here, just give me Luna. I will not hold anything beginst you. You will not receive punishment, this will only be accepted this once. If you choose not to accept this offer, I will use force.” I recited strongly. “Force from you? I think not.” She said, clearly amused.
She stared at me, studying me carefully. “No wonder Luna felt shown up, your much more decent than I would have expected. Luna is safe, unless you hurt ME. If you kill me, you will kill her. I’m sure big sissy Celestia wouldn’t want to do that, right?” Night Mare Moon jeered. “I cannot hurt you, so I will, banish, you.” I said, choking at the idea. “and Luna too.” Moon said, finishing the horrible thought. “Well go on, banish me. No matter what you or I do, it will make you suffer.” Moon cackled at the idea of my pain. I looked at her through tears. I wanted to kill her, but every time I looked at her, I saw Luna. I looked through the tears as I began the banishment. I was going to place her in a barren wasteland, somewhere alone until I could figure out how to get Luna back. As I focused on the Griffin Tribe Mountains, (they would pay no matter to Night Mare Moon), she spoke out in Luna’s voice. “Sissy, no. We’re the sun and moon.” The minute I opened my eyes, Night Mare Moon was quickly fading. “Now you’ll never see Luna again! It would take a miracle. Ha!” Moon cried as she completely vanished. Where did she go? I thought.

Chapter Eight
I gasped for air. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t breathe! I slowly adjusted to the black environment, my breath coming back to me. I stood up and looked to my right, there was a stone pavilion. I could barely walk, so I flew sluggishly instead. The pavilion was large with many corridors leading out the back. As I walked into the main room, I saw a glowing purple globe of energy. A communication sphere! I ran to the pedestal it was held on and studied it carefully. I recited the communication spell,(it had been a requirement by third year at school to recite and perform it.)
Celestia’s horn glowed and dragged her to the communication sphere located in the garden. The sphere was glowing blue and purple; a blurry shape in the middle. As the picture came to focus, I realized it was… Luna.
“Cel! Help me, I don’t where I am.” I cried, tears brimming in my eyes. “Oh Luna, I miss you so much, can you tell where you think you are.” Celestia answered, crying as well. “Well, it’s dark, and that’s e-” I cut myself short. There was only silence. “Luna?” Celestia asked. “Cel, I think, I think I’m on the, moon.”
Celestia was shocked by reality. As was I. Our conversation was long and emotional. We had talked for hours, trying to figure out a way for me to come home. If only she would’ve tried harder, I might have been home long before.
The moon pavilion was like my home now, I knew it more than Night Mare Moon did. She had shown up weeks after my ‘banishment’. She had paid no attention to me, she was winning and Celestia was hurt. I was no longer her subject of interest. I stayed out of her way. She usually stayed in the third wing, the only place I never went. Celestia and my conversations were short and getting more distanced. Sometimes, when I called, she didn’t even answer. Night Mare Moon grew tired of my crying and gave me a spell to see what was going on wherever Cel was. Moon had left me alone after that. One day, many moons (and suns) later, I decided to see what Celestia was up to. I rarely thought of her as ‘Cel’ anymore. I pulled up the cloud that showed me Celestia. The image was of a castle, wait. A palace, it was a palace. What about Ever Free castle? Where did it go? “Welcome to the Summer Sun Celebration all!” Celestia spoke among the crowd. Ponies of all sort cheered for her. Then of all things, she lowered the moon. My moon. I felt the pavilion shake for a moment. This happened every time the moon moved. I thought I was doing it the whole time I had been stuck up here. But it was Celestia, all this time it was Celestia. Then she raised the sun, guiltless. All the ponies cheered loudly, so loudly it hurt my ears, but I kept listening. “Thank you all for coming to see me raise my moon and sun. Go on, enjoy the festivities!” Celestia smiled brightly. I wanted to smack her. Her moon? The moon was MINE. Not hers. She had forgotten me. She had forgotten to find me , she had given up.
I never had really wanted to go back; this is because I thought Celestia was trying to find me. Not this time though, she gave up. Who knows how long ago she had. Moon had been right; I was nothing but a prop. Now I really wanted to break out, to show Celestia that she COULD NOT LIE. It was time to put an end to this Tyrant.
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